NTIA Fiber Optic Technician Course

    OSUIT, through a federal grant, is offering fiber optic technician training courses for qualifying participants.
    After submitting a complete application we will select candidates for these courses and offer them at NO COST to the student.

    Qualifying applicants will need to meet certain eligibility requirements specific to this grant, which is designed to have maximum impact upon low-income, minority communities, effecting those among us who are under-represented.

    Whether you qualified for a Pell Grant for schooling, receive benefits like SNAP or TANF, unemployment assistance, etc. you can apply for these courses and receive training to enter the fiber optic industry, a fast growing industry with high demand and potential for high pay.

    This is a great opportunity that can help to address historical trauma, income inequality, and help overcome the digital divide.

    Once your application is complete our program coordinator will reach out if any further information is needed and those who are selected will be notified with class dates and times.
    All classes will be at the OSUIT Okmulgee campus.

    *We DO NOT cover the costs of travel, lodging, or meals.  Please make sure you have necessary travel and lodging arrangements made in advance if you are going to be traveling to class.
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