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To apply to Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology you will first need to create an application account. Once that account is created you will be prompted to select the year in which you will be attending the university. Keep in mind the semester you wish to begin your studies may not be in the current calendar year. You will then be asked to select a student type. The definitions for the student types will be listed below.
  • First-time College Student (Freshman): Current high school students or those who have earned no more than six hours of college-level credit after graduation from high school (excludes credits earned concurrently in high school or credit earned by examination). Submit Application for Admissions, ACT or SAT test scores, official high school transcript, and immunization records.
  • Transfer Student: Undergraduate student that has earned more than six college-level credit hours after graduation from high school. Excludes current high school students, remedial/developmental courses or pre-college credits earned concurrently in high school or credit earned by examination. Submit Application for Admissions, ACT or SAT test scores, official high school transcript, official college transcripts from every college attended and immunization records.
  • Readmission (Returning) Student: Undergraduate student that has previously attended OSUIT, but has not enrolled in the immediate past semester. Any student that has graduated or withdrawn from the university must be readmitted to OSUIT. Submit Application for Admissions and official college transcript(s) from any college attended since OSUIT.
  • Non-Degree: Students who wish to enroll in courses without intending to pursue a degree may be permitted to enroll in no more than nine credit hours without submitting academic credentials or meeting the academic curricular or performance requirements of the institution of desired entry. Retention standards will be enforced. Once a student has completed the designated number of hours, the student is required to meet the formal admission or transfer criteria for the institution of desired entry in order to enroll in additional course work.
  • International Student: Undergraduate student that plans to attend or transfer to OSUIT on a visa. Applicant must be a graduate of high school or secondary school prior to the program start date. Student must show English proficiency with TOEFL, IELTS or as a native English speaker. All F-1 international students must show financial support for the estimated cost of attendance. For more information regarding international admissions requirements please contact the international admissions representative at: or by phone: 1-918-293-5210


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